COUP Chapter 10

Balatar and the agent stared at the summoning circle, which was—as you would know if you had read the previous chapter—completely filled with a black-and-white spiral that wouldn’t have been out of place on an episode of The Twilight Zone back on Earth. The real Earth that B.S.Roberts was from, not the comic Earth that Comic Brandan and Comic Jason were from; well, maybe—it’s never been determined if there is a Comic Rod Serling or not. But this story digresses. From that spirling spiral, a figure emerged, and it was no other than Comic Jason, which you likely guessed because of the comic’s last panel in Part Three of Chapter 9. Now that this paragraph is getting ridiculous and way too meta (the literary term, not Facebook and company), the author has decided that he really needs to get the story moving so the narrative can get to the much-anticipated climax. But, before we do that… I know there’s a question floating around out there that should be addressed before the lack of an answer makes it unbearable for the audience (you) to keep going—well, maybe you in particular aren’t wondering it, but somebody is. That question: If B.S.Roberts has been teleported out of Faewalk and it’s been canonically established that Comic Brandan isn’t the author writing these Faewalk stories, who’s writing right now? The answer is quite simple: Real World Brandan is! Yes, there are three—an unholy trinity of sorts. So, Where does Real World Brandan come into this story? He doesn’t, he’s just writing it. No, that’s not right, either, because the fourth wall is currently being beaten to death with a catachrestical dead horse… So the third Brandan’s in this story only so this chapter can be written—not that much is getting done yet because, as you can see, this chapter has gone horribly off course and I really don’t think there’s any saving it now. Well f**k a duck, just know that Real World B.S.Roberts (not to be confused with Real World Brandan) disappeared, Comic Jason appeared. When questioned why he was there Comic Jason tried to run away, but because he was too used to being a comic, him being in text form was entirely too discombobulating (not to be confused with the Discombobulation). He tripped and fell as a heap of Js, As, Ss, Os, and Ns all over the Fs, Ls, Os, and Rs of the floor in the Ls, Is, Bs, Rs, As, and Ys of the library. It took him a bit to compose himself (fortunately, “Jason” is only a five-letter word, and it didn’t take long to do so). Wait, wait, wait—something just came to mind… If Comic Brandan was turned into text, then wouldn’t that mean Real World B.S.Roberts be text there, too? But it that was the case, why was there a Nat 1 Style drawing of B.S.Roberts staring back at Comic Brandan back in—what chapter was it?—Chapter 2? Is this very complicated, or is it a plot hole? Is Faewalk text or drawings? No, no, no no, no, no, no, NO. This simply will not do. I’m changing what happened. Comic Jason arrived to Faewalk, but he was not letters. No, he was Comic Jason in Faewalk, which is a place as real as Earth, except much sillier. Okay, so that problem is resolved; thank all the gods of Earth and Faewalk. Now, before any other inconsistencies, let’s conclude this chapter now. Oh, uh, also—B.S.Roberts just reappeared in the (un)summoning circle right next to Comic Brandan. Their art styles are totally clashing, but don’t let that take your focus off NAT 1: COUP’s literally self-inserted protagonist… He looks older, more critical, and much less transparent. Why is he less transparent? Does that mean he’s no longer a ghostwriter? Probably not. It’s just something that keeps being forgotten about, so we might as well not have it anymore. Him reappearing will be the beginning of the next chapter, which is chapter… uh? I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.

Right, thanks.