COUP Prologue

STOP! (unless you don’t want to) For this comic prologue to make sense, there’s three older comics you should read first, which we have compiled for you, right here!

Got those read? Great! We officially welcome you to Nat 1’s COUP event! Read on…

Part 1

Part 2

B.S.Roberts paced the room—or at least the part of it he could reach trapped in the summoning circle, so his pacing was more similar to a goldfish in a bowl than anything else. There’s a joke that can be made here about his attention span, but given that he’s been held in captivity for two years, it’s past the point of being funny to mock him.

Apart from the trapped ghostwriter, the room was fairly bare. Outside the chalked circle on a dark hardwood floor were only bare brown walls, a singular open window where a raven B.S.Roberts had dubbed Poe when it showed up several weeks after his summon had taken up residence, and a door—currently closed. Inside the circle was a bit livelier, with a small recliner (used as a chair and bed) and a desk cluttered with parchments and writing supplies.

“How in the hell is that kobold supposed to solve the mystery of the writer’s block?” he asked himself for the umpteenth time. He had written himself into a corner, and the damn plot wasn’t resolving like he had intended. This wasn’t a significant problem—it wasn’t one of the books that the Faewalk-renowned author Macy Blush had summoned him to write—but unless he could figure out a proper ending, he would never be able to focus on the novel he was currently supposed to be working on: A Taste of the Downunder.

“God damn it,” he shouted and punched the air above the chalk line on the floor. It was like hitting an invisible rubber mat.

“Damn it,” Poe cawed in imitation.

The ghostwriter glared at the bird. “Not helping.”

“Damn it! Damn it!” Poe cawed again, accurately summing up B.S.Robert’s existence for the past two years.

With a sigh, he slammed his forehead into the forcefield and abruptly straightened. “That’s it!”

In a flurry of motion, the semi-ethereal man leaped onto the fully-corporeal recliner, grabbed the quill, and set to finishing the story.

Macy Blush and her agent wouldn’t be happy that he was writing something under his own name and not Macy’s, but screw it—in the terms of the summoning and binding they never said he couldn’t. Until he figured out a way to get out of there, he would rebel in any small way possible.

“Damn it! Damn it!”

Welcome to the Nat 1 COUP event, which will be taking off on July 1st with Chapter One. Every week a new chapter—consisting of both a written narrative and a comic strip—will be released; somewhere in there will be a clue to solve a riddle for a code. Enter that code right on the chapter page or on your personal COUP Event Tracker page under your account.

Some weeks this will be easy, others difficult (and sometimes they will also give hints to go to different sections of the website for even more codes!). Every code will give you points and the more points you have, you will grow in rank. The greater your rank, the more likely you will be to win a prize! Oh—and some will also grant access to exclusive content!

With that said, here’s a very simple prologue riddle to get you your first point:

On Earth I was ominous, cawing “NEVERMORE”
but here on Faewalk I have a greater rapport.
I’m a black bird, but not a crow
Named after my author, you can call me ___.

Note: Use all CAPS for the code!