Custom Book Cover (Normal Order)


Custom Nat 1-style cover. Receive in about 14 days.



The Macy Blush Collection started when a player’s DnD character started looking around for a “smutty romance novel” and his dungeon master obliged. This isn’t unusual. Perhaps your PC (or, if you’re a DM, one of your players) has one. What’s the next logical step? Making a cover to give to them as a handout! Purchase the cartoony cover here and have it emailed to you once it is complete! Covers are designed for 6″x9″ books.

REMEMBER TO FILL OUT THE FORM on this page when you order; inlude information such as the book’s title, author, and a description of what you would like to appear on it. When the cover is complete, you will be shown a mockup to request any changes. Artwork is non-refundable nor exchangeable.

This product takes roughly 14 days from purchase to final product.

*If you’re the overachieving type and went ahead and wrote the story, why not try submitting it to us? If accepted, it’ll get the full treatment of editing, receiving a cover, and being published… instead of paying, you’ll get paid! See the submissions page for more details.