Books that make you question your choices.

Who We Are

Nat 1 Publishing is a 501(c)(3) literary nonprofit corporation based out of Maine, USA that caters to the humorous, weird, and unique science fiction and fantasy stories. We aim to give a platform to a niche genre that often goes without representation either because of their story or length (we primarily produce anthologies of short stories and poetry and standalone novellas), paying particular attention to demographics that are even less represented in the community that calls SFF their home.

We do not prioritize money, we prioritize the story and getting that story out to the world, enriching (desecrating?) the literary landscape that we are part of—even if that happens to be that shadowy place over there. In all seriousness, we do what we do for the love of the genre and more so for the love of the authors trying to break into a difficult field. Knowing that (and perhaps having read through our history , board of directors and volunteers, and transparency pages), you have two questions you need to think of an answer for:

Are our stories right for you?

Are you a reader who likes absurd, crazy, sometimes nonsensical fantasy and science fiction stories that are usually overlooked by mainstream media? Yea? Check out our catalog of books that fit that description to a T!

Are we right for your stories?

Perhaps you are a writer and aspiring author who is looking for a home to place your gawky pariah of a story and are considering Nat 1 Publishing (or one of its imprints, Audience Askew or Gaslamp Pulp) to be such a place. To that, we say we’ll be the first to admit that we are an incredibly niche publishing house. We’ll also be the first to admit we are small. So very small—but we aspire to grow bigger.

So, why choose us to publish your story?

We’ll take a chance on you. We like the campy, we love the intentionally-cringy, the off-kilter, the little socially awkward black sheep that doesn’t quite fit with the other stories.

Even better? We aren’t a shady novelty press. You keep your copyright, and will get money for your novella, not spend it (or, in the case of short stories, digital copies of the anthology or issue). We’ll work with you on editing and provide an equally off-kilter book cover or illustration, advertise, and promote it. Will you get rich from us? Probably not (although we certainly wouldn’t complain!), but we put our priorities in getting the stories read over a profit, which means keeping our prices low and the community vibrant. Our mission as a nonprofit is to showcase our writers and help diversify the science fiction and fantasy field, one unique author and story at a time.

So, take a look around the site and see if we’re a good fit for you, and if we are, hit up our submissions page!

Nat 1 Publishing is an avid supporter of the LGBTQ & POC communities.

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