"Faewalk: Nat 1 Shared Universe" logo

The Faewalk is Nat 1 Publishing’s shared universe that authors and artists can utilize as the setting for their fantasy stories without the fear of repercussion or lawyers from the Fantasy genre bigwigs. Almost everything in Faewalk is open game, with the one restriction being the characters—both protagonists and antagonists—which require permission from the authors who first created them.

Faewalk will officially be launching 14 February 2023 on Nat 1’s one-year anniversary of establishment and will be arriving with updated Macy Blush books, a role-playing game, Faewalk-specific stories (anthologies, novellas, and chapbooks), and a wiki detailing the world of Faewalk at large.

Stay tuned, more information regarding this projects will be released here the closer we get to launch!

~The Nat 1 Team