Trigger Warnings

Here at Nat 1 Publishing we understand that everybody has had different experiences in their lives—some of which were traumatic. We want all of our readers to feel comfortable with our works and so we have tagged all of our books with trigger warnings. If there is something not listed here, don’t hesitate to contact us—we’ll add it right away.


The content is suggested but not directly expressed in the work.


The content/scene happens but is not shown.


The content/scene is shown in the book’s narrative.


The content is substantial in the work or described in great detail.

  • Abortion/Miscarriage
  • Abuse (abusive relationships, child abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, etc.)
  • Bigotry (ableism, ageism, antisemitism, homophobia, racism, sexism, transphobia, etc.)
  • Bullying
  • Child-in-Peril
  • Death (human death, animal death, child death, drowning, etc.)
  • Gore (blood, bones, corpses, decapitation, amputation, etc.)
  • Health Issues (cancer, terminal illness, starvation, etc.)
  • Kidnapping/Abduction
  • Mental Illness (anxiety, depression, eating disorders, PTSD, etc.)
  • Physical Violence (murder, attempted murder, assault, torture, branding, capital punishment, etc.)
  • Pregnancy/Childbirth
  • Self-Harm
  • Sexual Content (consensual acts of intercourse)
  • Sexual Violence (sexual assault, abuse, harassment, rape, attempted rape, stalking, etc.)
  • Substance Abuse (alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.)
  • Suicide
  • Traumatic Events (car accidents, earthquakes, famine, fire, floods, hurricanes, tornados, etc.)
  • War (Combat scenarios, genocide, hostages, terrorism, etc.)