Nat 1 Board of Directors and Editors

Drawn portrait of Brandan Roberts

Brandan Roberts

(Board member, Lead Editor, Illustrator)

This guy here is the culprit. It’s his fault Nat 1 Publishing is a thing—you can blame him for pushing human culture slightly closer to complete and utter annihilation with his Macy Blush books and this small indie-publishing house. He comes from the western foothills of Maine, USA where he lives with his wife, daughter, tortoise, cats, and silver pheasants. He felt his bachelors in liberal studies with minors in history and behavioral studies, masters in interdisciplinary studies focused on ethnography and folklore, and graduate certificate in digital curation were getting lonely, so he’s now working on a bachelor degree in English. When not contributing to the collapse of society, you can find him camping, reading, or playing TTRPGs.

Drawn portrait of Dahlia Thomas

Dahlia Thomas

(Board Member, Lead Narrator)

The disembodied voice of Nat 1…. is… is she a ghost?! OOOooooOOOOooo

Drawn portrait of Michaela Butler

Michaela Butler

(Board Member, Webmaster, Editor)

She is currently ded and far too tired for nonsense like bios. Ask her in a couple months when she is once again a real live functioning human.

Cal Tripp portrait

Cal Tripp

(Non-Voting Board Member, Illustrator)

As an illustrator and musician, Cal is a multi-talented creative, with a passion for bringing ideas to life. Whether through visual arts or music, they are constantly exploring new forms of expression. As a 3D modeler and printer, they bring their creations to life in a tangible way. Outside of the apartment she is equally at home in nature. Cal also has a green thumb, nurturing her plants and using them to make delicious teas or fragrant oils. With two cats and a dog, Cal is a devoted pet parent and values the importance of strong connections and deep friendships.

Portrait of Jason Willard with a dark red background.

Jason Willard

(Non-Voting Board Member, Creative Director)

An extradimensional being that’s manifested in this reality as a geeky writer. A lover of games, books, comics, and film, he hopes to someday make his mark and leave behind a story that resonates deeply within the souls of his nerdy brethren, bringing about a new golden age of peace. He also enjoys gelato. You can contact him any time at

Jennifer Weigel

(Non-Voting Board Member, Illustrator)

Jennifer Weigel travels the mindscape of the infinite abyss from the comforts of her sofa, at least when she isn’t out and about creating chaos in various so-called art forms. She is a regular contributor for Haunted MTL and Nat 1 LLC and can be found hanging out in some of those shadowy back alleyways here. Her spirit animal is the deer and her favorite food is frosting with or without cake.

Kathy portrait

Kathleen Locke

(Non-Voting Board Member, Assistant Editor)

Proud mom of one awesome grown up daughter. When she isn’t pulling her hair out trying to keep an entire dental office in line, she enjoys crocheting, reading, crossword puzzles, Jeopardy (every night, don’t call when it’s on—seriously), fixing broken things, and just basically keeping mind and hands busy. And these days, throws in some editing just to keep things interesting.

Volunteer Editors

BlaiseTheGinger portrait


(Volunteer Editor)

BlaiseTheGinger is, as far as we know, the only redhead at Nat 1. This means he has no soul, but we don’t hold that against him. He has a killer mustache and an abusive love/hate relationship with his cat (and the scars to prove it).

Heather A

(Volunteer Editor)

Heather is an avid tabletop gamer, occasional musician, even more occasional writer, and a grammar enthusiast. She hails from Australia and is still coming to terms with weird American spellings.

Kait Harland

(Volunteer Editor)

Kait uses the pen name Allison Rose purely for the vibes. She is currently a student, but would like to eventually be a freelance editor, self-published author, and perhaps even a small business owner. She enjoys reading, writing, and above all, being the bane of Jason’s existence on the discord server.

Triston Owens portrait

Triston Owens

(Volunteer Editor)

Triston is a writer, gamer and editor at Nat 1. In his spare time, he’s Slenderman.