Jules Vasquez

Jules Vasquez is nonbinary, queer, an abuse survivor, thrive with a mood disorder, and proud. Their first novel, Plague City, won the Kenneth Patchen Award for the Innovative Novel from the Journal of Experimental Fiction (2019). Their chapbooks include Fallout, Saints and Dirty Pictures (little m press, 2009), Yet Wave (the Lune, 2017), and they co-authored No Titles in the Bounds and The Smoke Bar with Nat 1. They’re head editor for the micro-magazine (now on hiatus) HockSpitSlurp. They’ve been published lots but don’t namedrop. They enjoy noise/drone music, cheap takeout, B-rated gangster/scifi flicks, and long walks off short piers.

“Lonely by the Hearthstone,” in Audience Askew volume 1, issue 1 (Summer 2022).

The Smoke Bar, with Leslie D. Soule (2022).

No Titles in the Bounds, with Leslie D. Soule (2023).

HockSpitSlurp: https://hockspitslurp.wixsite.com/hockspitslurp

Twitter: https://twitter.com/h0n3ybdg3rgrrr1