Into Her Depths: A Clichéd Faewalk Romance

A novella by Trinket Guth

Molly Baker is just your everyday Plain-Jane accountant living an ordinary life and wishing to be the heroine of her own fantasy story. But wait, there’s more—the clichés don’t end there—when a tall, dark, and mysterious (not to mention handsome as all heck) new coworker arrives at her office, Molly’s life is turned upside down, becoming the fantasy protagonist that she had always yearned to be. Unfortunately, that also means there are villains involved.

This novella is a satirical work poking fun at the romantasy genre featuring a protagonist with more libido than common sense. The girl knows what she wants and won’t let a few demons keep her from scratching that itch!  

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Trigger Warnings
Significant: –
Moderate: death, physical violence, sexual content
Mild: abduction, abuse, bullying
Implied: mental illness