Not Enough Space

"Not Enough Space" cover

A Nat 1 Anthology

In the vast, ever-expanding universe of speculative fiction, there’s one thing no one ever seems to have enough of… space. Nat 1 Publishing proudly presents Not Enough Space, a questionable collection of eighteen short stories and poems that blend the whimsical with the weird and the fantastical with the futuristic.

Immerse yourself in tales of wizard apprentices abducted by aliens, disgruntled fairy godmothers, and various attempts to survive the end of the world. Each narrative offers a unique twist on the science fiction and fantasy genres, promising to make you laugh (or at least roll your eyes) as they explore the theme of not having enough space. Except, of course, for those deviants who decided to do whatever the hell they wanted… You try making characters do what they’re supposed to!

Featuring a lineup of unacclaimed and emerging authors, Not Enough Space invites you to journey through worlds where magic meets mayhem, and the final frontier is just a punchline away. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the genre or a newcomer looking for a good laugh, this anthology is the perfect escape from reality.*

*This is our opinion and may be biased.

Contained within this volume are the stories

  • “Astronomy 101″ by B.S.Roberts
  • “Don’t Fuck with Phobetor” by Maia Brown-Jackson
  • “Beef! With Guy the Human” by Lydia Martin
  • “Post-Apocalyptic Pineapple” by Karissa Sandars
  • “Space” by L.J. Caporusso
  • “Tag” by Devin James Leonard
  • “The Self-Centered Godfairy” by Gratia Serpento
  • “The Fool” by Michael Fowler
  • “The Ballard of the Earl of Tann” by Scott Chaddon
  • “Inconsistency of Dimensions” by Aleksandar Mirkovic
  • “The Fault in Our Beans” by Josh Clayton
  • “Green Funeral” by Naomi Simone Borwein
  • “The Trial” by Michael Lu
  • “Damsel-Made-Distress” by Donnell Griffith
  • “Imagine Space” by Hugh Findlay
  • “Notification” by Jason Willard
  • “Lord Damon, Master of Shadows and the Underworld, Attempts to Summon the Crimson Legion” by Bethany Tatman
  • “Time Carefully Counted” by Tinamarie Cox
  • With art by Jennifer Weigel

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Trigger Warnings
Significant: –
Moderate: child-in-peril, death, abduction
Mild: bigotry, bullying, health issues
Implied: mental illness, traumatic events