Nothing New, Just Deja vu

A Faewalk Anthology

"Nothing New, Just Deja Vu" cover


The first anthology of short stories based in Faewalk, Nat 1 Publishing’s shared literary universe. Each of the works have been previously published in a Nat 1 anthologies, but have been compiled here to make it easier to immerse yourself in the hot mess of a cliched fantasy world. Just be sure you don’t get clobbered by a troll!

Contained within this volume are the stories

  • “Dungeon Fodder: Déjà Vu” by B.S.Roberts & Jason Willard
  • “Writer’s Block” by B.S.Roberts
  • “Project Pegasus” by Aleksandar Mirkovic
  • “Unexpected Consequences” by Jason Willard
  • “Tale of the Howling Wolf” by Anthony Celano
  • “Optional Quest” by Bornok Romero
  • “Troll Barrier” by Macy Blush
  • “Wrong Room” by Jason Willard
  • “CSI: Citystate” by C David Dent
  • “We Met in a Tavern” by Aleksandar Mirkovic
  • “How Big is This Room?” by Aleksandar Mirkovic
  • “I Need a Hero!” by J Parsons
  • “AC From Hell” by James Alexander
  • “Jar Wrath Snow Step” by Jason Willard
  • “A Gnomish Contraption to Save the World” by B.S.Roberts
  • “This Little Piggy” by C David Dent
  • “Bruises and Bedlam” by Anthony Celano
  • “All’s Fair in Love and Battleborn” by Macy Blush
  • “Narrative Shift” by Jason Willard
  • “Bookbook” by Mord McGhee
  • “To Arr is Pirate” by B.S.Roberts
  • “Desperate Measures” by Aleksandar Mirkovic
  • “The Horrendously Handsome Royal Highness Prince Henrick” by Gratia Serpento

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Trigger Warnings
Significant: death, physical violence, sexual content
Moderate: abuse, bigotry, gore, sexual violence
Mild: mental illness, substance abuse, traumatic events
Implied: self-harm, war