Pillar of the Bull God

"Pillar of the Bull God" cover art

A novella by Joey Hirsch

Cal Weston is a former adult film star who is tired of being known solely for his “gift.” Yearning to break free from the porn industry, he gives his agent an ultimatum: find me legitimate acting work, or get lost. The threat works, and Cal is set to star in a Felliniesque film, playing an ancient fertility god who assumes the form of a bull. But not all is as it seems and the project’s shady billionaire producer has more in mind than just filming a movie. Now Cal’s life, soul, and everyone in sight—especially the women—are in danger.

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Trigger Warnings
Significant: death, gore, abduction, sexual violence
Moderate: abuse, physical violence
Mild: bigotry
Implied: traumatic events, war