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Meet Rosegold and Princess Marigold, two half-sisters fleeing from their murderous father—King Edward of Edward’s Kingdom.

When King Edward attempts to kill Princess Marigold, her half-sister Rosegold saves the day. The beloved sisters escape the power-hungry king to live their best cottage-core lives in the woods and claim the forest as their new home. As often happens in these situations, the sisters are visited by a pixie (in this case, his name is Hemlock) with a quest from the stars (the ones in space, not local celebrities). Hemlock’s persistence and Princess Marigold’s thirst for more adventure convinces a reluctant Rosegold to face the world she’s been hiding from for the past year. With people lurking around every corner eager to bring Princess Marigold down (we mean dead, they want her dead), can the sisters and their pretty-boi pixie companion survive this quest?

Warning: Harmonicas may be involved.

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Trigger Warnings
Mild: physical violence
Implied: –