RPG action, comedy, and smut! 

This is a fine example of a shameless reader magnet. But hey, the eBook is free.

Collected for the first time together is an array of works by Faewalk and Reddit’s most renowned romance author: Macy Blush. The eclectic anthology of short stories includes fiction, non-fiction, romance, adventure, and—of course—smut. Available to only Macy’s most devoted fans (as well as some individuals with questionable motives), Quickies includes five titillating tales: Paranormal Romance; The March of the NPCs; Lillianna Bones; The Wizard’s Jewels, and; A Maiden and Her Hero.

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Quickies With Macy Blush (eBook)

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Trigger Warnings
Significant: child-in-peril, sexual content
Moderate: death, physical violence
Mild: gore, profanity
Implied: –