The Wizard’s Staff

Second Edition: Less Typos, Same Cringe, A Renewed Desperate Plea for Attention!

The unfortunate lovechild of an 80’s romance and a DnD-based LitRPG. A Reddit-approved parody.

Na’amah is just an average, ordinary half-succubus adopted by a warren of kobolds. But when she takes a trip to a nearby town, she discovers true love in the form of a distinguished wizard adventurer—Alatar. Life becomes complicated for Na’amah as she tries to get some alone time with the renowned hero, her forbidden fruit.

This spellbinding romance of a succubus and wizard hits all the right spots!

  • Forbidden love: check
  • Horrendous cover art: check
  • Betrayal: check
  • Love triangle: check
  • Different worlds trope: check
  • Ill-placed cliffhanger: check
  • Shameless RPG references: double check
  • Love at first sight kiss: check
  • Badass heroine: check
  • Love interest with a hated profession: check
  • Older man, younger woman: check
  • Magic: check
  • Secret that can ruin everything trope: check
  • Tragic love affair: check
  • Smut: check
  • “I can fix him” trope: check
  • A stunning disregard for what people actually want: triple check
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The Wizard’s Staff:
Orally Transmitted (First) Edition

Narrated by Dahlia Thomas

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Trigger Warnings
Significant: –
Moderate: physical violence, sexual content
Mild: bigotry, bullying, death, gore, profanity
Implied: –

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