To Boldly Go Where No Fool Has Gone Before

What Chosie Knows, Book Two

"To Boldly Go Where No Fool Has Gone Before" cover

A novella by Richard Gid Powers

We suppose you want to know about this novella? Fine. Here’s a hastily put-together blurb by a very flustered publishing house:

The continuing adventures of Chosie, a bonafide Chosen One who also happens to be the Pope, President of the United States, Antichrist and/or Devil, alien, and Soap Box Derby Impresario. This is a sequel to a book that has never been published (or written? We at Nat 1 Publishing have completely lost track of what’s going on with this series) and the prequel to a short story that had, in fact, been slapped together and thrown out into the world not so long ago (this fact is a certainty because we published it). Does any of this really matter? No, not really. But it does let you know that you are about to get yourself lost in a whole butt-load of nonsense and crazy shenanigans in what the author, Richard Gid Powers (not Chosie, though perhaps speaking for Chosie), calls “a collection of short sorta parodic pieces kinda related to science fiction, and they’re really stupid.”

How was that? Happy? If that blurb didn’t win you over, there’s no hope for you, and we don’t even want you to read it.

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Trigger Warnings
Significant: –
Moderate: mental illness, sexual content
Mild: bigotry, substance abuse
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