A Nat 1 Anthology

Trek into the not-quite-so-final frontier with Nat 1 Publishing’s WEIRD WEIRD WEST. This eccentric collection of short stories blends the grit and spirit of American Old West with the imagination of the science fiction and fantasy genres. Featuring a diverse array of tales, from uproarious comedies that turn classic Western tropes on their head to serious, thought-provoking stories that explore the darker side of frontier life. Whether it’s outlaws wielding alien technology, gunslingers facing off against mythical creatures, or sheriffs navigating dystopian landscapes, each story offers a unique twist on the genre, making it a perfect read for fans of speculative fiction and Westerns alike.

Saddle up your hovercraft and journey through uncharted territories of the WEIRD WEIRD WEST, featuring:

  • “When Justice Came to Town on a Bone Horse,” by B.S.Roberts
  • “The Last Cowboys,” by Leonard Crosby
  • “In space, it was all well and good until someone could hear you scream… and then they all tuned in for the show,” by Jennifer Weigel
  • “Giddy Yup,” by Adam Francis Smith
  • “Plata Mano VS The Outlaws,” by Anthony Celano
  • “The Quincey Morris Society,” by Curtis Moore
  • “Nine Shots,” by Jason Willard
  • “Rain Dance,” by B.S.Roberts
  • “Chuckwagon Cookie: Ravioli Challenge,” by Jennifer Weigel
  • “Boom Or Bust, Arizona,” by Francis Wiget
  • “Exiting the Spirit World,” by Rodney Hatfield Jr.
  • “Cow in the Tornado Getting Spun Around for Cinematic Effect,” by Gratia Serpento
  • “Marionettes,” by Charlie Rogers
  • “Lesser Canyon,” by Noah Hoyle
  • “Northern Winds in an Unjust West,” by B.S.Roberts

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Americas: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil

Europe: Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands

Asia-Pacific: Japan, Australia, India

Trigger Warnings
Significant: –
Moderate: death, physical violence
Mild: bigotry, gore, mental illness, sexual violence
Implied: –