If you think the stories we write are amusing, wait until you see what silly ideas we think of when we’re not writing, editing, or recording. This page is your chance to laugh (for free) and contribute if you think you’re our brand of funny.

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Critic Watch

It seems that a valued member of the critique circuit (or whatever it is that these sad, strange individuals call themselves uniformly nowadays), a Mr(s?). Mel N. Colley has gone missing. Every Macy Blush novel to date has hosted a raving review from Mr/s. Colley, though more often than not they are listed as an anonymous critic. This was in respect of their unstable condition; Colley has been having a hard time lately, exhibiting erratic behaviors such as badgering officials for restraining orders, routinely changing their personal style—both clothing and hair—missing days of work, and running naked through forests in subfreezing weather. It has come to Nat 1 Publishing’s attention that after their most recent review of Macy Blush’s work, Legend Lore: Macy Blush, Vol. 1, they have gone missing. This is heartbreaking and unexpected, considering they were acting fine at the time of the review—being in the best spirits that we had seen them in months.

Mel is a man (we presume; maybe not) who stands somewhere between five foot three and six foot two. Their hair is brown, sometimes blonde. Or red. Or purple. Their eyes can be best described as bluish-brown. They have been seen wearing everything from rags to a suit that would make a British special agent envious; should you encounter them in a forest, they may be stark naked. Mel’s accent changes frequently, but s/he enjoys long monologues, typically regarding books from the Macy Blush Collection.

So please, if you have any knowledge on the whereabouts of Mel N. Colley, let a representative of Nat 1 Publishing know. You can send us a message here. Macy Blush is very concerned about them, as they are our primary official critic, and we rely on their reviews. Oh, and their family may be worried, too—so there’s that.

~The Nat 1 Team

Visit our Critic Watch blotter to make sure you have the most recent information when you go adventuring.

Scoreboard of Points

Points! For those of you in the official discord who enjoy shenanigans, weirdness, and friendship, we bring you our Point game. Made someone spit coffee from laughing, snort embarrassingly loudly in front of others, or cough because they’ve got a cold and laughter hurts but they can’t help themselves? You get a point! The person with the most points at the end of the year (that would be Feb 14) gets a prize!