Bornok Romero

Bornok Romero* an aspiring author hailing from the Philippines, finishing with high honors in his 12th grade education. He garnered many accolades in the field of English and anything in regards to writing throughout his educational endeavors. For much of his school life, he has been an important part of the school’s publication and served as its Editor-in-Chief for three years. All of this experience however translated horribly as he now writes surreal and twisted articles regarding the Philippines’ culture and history, transmogrifying them into eldritch creations; as one does when they did not continue school due to personal reasons and has spiraled into insanity. You can catch up with Bornok on his Social Media Accounts handled by the other half of his personality, Olivia Black.

Elderly Ones cover image depicting Cthulhu using a walker
"Nat 1: LFG" Cover art
"Nothing New, Just Deja Vu" cover

Twitter: @theblack_memoir

Instagram: @theblack_memoir

Medium: @Olivia_Black

  • Nat 1 Publishing would like you to note that the cat is not Bornok, nor does Bornok own or even know the cat. If asked why Bornok is using the popular “Polite Cat” meme as a profile picture, he will likely give you the same expression.