Looking For Guild Anthology Cover

A collection of short stories following colorful characters seemingly pulled straight out of RPG campaigns. This anthology is filled with a little of everything: action, adventure, smut, humor, and tragedy.

“Only Full Parties Will Be Seated” by Matthew Terl
“This Little Piggy” by C David Dent
“Optional Quest” by Bornok Romero
“The King’s Jubilee” by Hunter Liguore
“Too Long for a D&D Poem” by Andy Betz
“House on the Timberlane” by Lydia Martin
“Antics and Anxiety” by Max Littman
“All’s Fair in Love and Battleborn” by Macy Blush
“I Need a Hero!” by J Parsons
“How Big is this Room?” by Aleksandar Mirkovic
“Cottonmouth” by Richard Kloss
“Textiled Teamwork” by Jason Rubin
“A Girlfriend’s Guide to Adventuring” by Hayden Eldritch
“Tale of the Howling Wolf” by Anthony Celano
“Unexpected Consequences” by Jason Willard
“The Path Best Traveled” by Christopher M. Frew

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Trigger Warnings
Significant: child-in-peril
Moderate: bullying, death, mental illness, physical violence, sexual content, war
Mild: bigotry, gore, profanity, traumatic events
Implied: abuse