Jeff Kirkley

Jeffrey Brian Kirkley (Jeff Kirkley for short) was born in Birmingham, Alabama living there until he was three. Since, he moved to Missouri, moving from town to town throughout his childhood and early adulthood. Always fascinated with science fiction, anime, and later classic fantasy, He spent his time growing his skills as a writer and general knowledge base. His first publication was the science fiction short story “Frozen Atmosphere” made on a whim one night, procrastinated on, and then returned to when Jeff heard there was a science fiction anthology in production. Jeff finished it within the night and to this day claims it was submitted as “A first draft.” No longer bound by The limited form of a wannabe creator, his meteoric rise begins in 2023. And that is a threat.

"Black Ink on a Blank Void" cover
"Nabri Rouge and the Haunting Lord" coverart