Black Ink on a Blank Void

A Nat 1 Standalone Anthology

An anthology of quirky science fiction stories containing…

Neil Orts’s “Jade and Cunningham and the Alien Colonizers”
Jeff Kirkley’s “Frozen Atmosphere”
Owen Bridge’s “Dunston Checks Out”
Alan Wahnefried’s “You’re Looking in the Wrong Place!”
Donald Guadagni’s “The Watcher”
Aleksandar Mirkovic’s “Project Pegasus”
Jason Willard’s “The Schmooze”
James Alexander’s “Air Conditioner from Hell”
Alan Meyrowitz’s “What We’ll Soon Be Used To”
B.S.Roberts‘s “Reach for the Stars”
Andy Betz’s “Lieutenant Godor”
Nicky Pessaroff’s “Oort’s End”
Rohan Buettel’s “Alien Abduction”
Kory Vance’s “Fuck You with My Mother’s Laser Tentacle, Frank: An Autobiography”
Leslie D. Soule’s “A Glimpse into the Future”
Luke Hannon’s “Temporal Game”
Sam Wetley’s “Regulation 20.20 Section 10.B”

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Trigger Warnings
Significant: physical violence
Moderate: abduction, death, gore
Mild: abuse, traumatic events
Implied: mental illness, self-harm, sexual content, suicide