By Leslie D. Soule

The vast expanse of the internet serves as a playground for a multitude of whimsical tests and quizzes, each designed to tickle the fancy of users seeking amusement, self-discovery, or simply a way to procrastinate that isn’t Buzzfeed. From the seemingly profound to the downright absurd, these digital diversions cover everything from determining one’s ideal pet to uncovering hidden facets of personality based on snack preferences, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s one out there to determine if the book you’re writing could be best described as “poor, derivative fantasy.” It also shouldn’t be a shock that an author looked at that tongue-in-cheek quiz and took great offense to its existence, said a profanity or two, and then proceeded to write a story that could check every one of those perceived faults, one by one.

This here is that novella.

What exactly is it about? Doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you pick up this book, read it, laugh, and shove it in the faces of those jerks at RinkWorks.*

*please note that this is a joke; we love you David and Samuel.

This novella contains text from “The Fantasy Novelist’s Exam,” (2005) by David J. Parker and Samuel Stoddard, published on RinkWorks.

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