Star-Crossed and Other Tales of Intergalactic Love

"Star-Crossed and Other Tales of Intergalactic Love" cover

A Nat 1 Standalone Anthology

Prepare for a zero-g rollercoaster of emotions in Star-Crossed and Other Tales of Intergalactic Love. In this cosmic collection, you’ll find seventeen stories that prove even aliens and robots have relationship drama—from starry-eyed romances to extraterrestrial heartbreaks, these tales explore the ups and downs of love, no matter what quadrant of the galaxy you’re in. Each story is complimented with a full-color illustration in the trademark Nat 1 Fashion.

  • “Star-Crossed” — Jason Willard
  • “(In)compatible Anatomy” — Aleksandar Mirkovic
  • “Lovebirds” — Norman Elwood
  • “Zero’s Big Break” — Sofia Diana Gabel
  • “Galaxy Beyond Reality” — Alex Andy Phuong
  • “Questions and Answers” — Margaret A. Hanson
  • “Plato’s Man” — Michael Fowler
  • “The Rains of Ceres-9” — Aaron Mosmeyer
  • “7-11 Will Hire Anyone” — Christy Hartman
  • “A Car Story” — Alan Meyrowitz and Coby Meytin
  • “Shambles” — Mord McGhee
  • “Narcissus” — Ella Mishne
  • “To Earth” — Toshiya Kamei
  • “Artificially Yours” — Henry Crawford
  • “OO|OO” — CTN Von Mayendorf
  • “Siluriformes” — Erica Lee Berquist
  • “Dot and Loop” — Leslie Rider

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Trigger Warnings
Significant: n/a
Moderate: abduction
Mild: death, sexual content
Implied: mental illness, self-harm