Aleksandar Mirkovic

Aleksandar Mirkovic was born with a supernatural amount of Common Sense, and should, by all accounts, be using it to protect the planet from both terrestrial threats and extradimensional beings. However, living in Serbia made that a tad difficult, so he does the same in imaginary worlds, by rolling some rocks with numbers on them. And then writes about it.

“We Met in a Tavern,” in Nat 1: Many Mini Misadventures (2022).

“How Big is the Room?,” in Nat 1: LFG (2022).

“Project Pegasus,” in Black Ink on a Blank Void (2023).

“The World We Live In,” in File Not Found (2023).

Faewalk: The RPG, with B.S.Roberts, Jason Willard, Anthony Celano, Hans Madison, Jeffrey Kirkley, Redmask, and Triston Owens (2023).