Faewalk: Nat 1 Shared Universe

It has been teased several times in our monthly newsletter, Ye Olde Town Cryer, (if you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to do so—you’ll even get a free Macy Blush book!) but here is the official announcement…

Logo for Faewalk: Nat 1 Shared Universe

Nat 1 Publishing will be launching it’s shared literary universe, Faewalk, on our first anniversary, 14 February 2023 (yes, Singles’ Awareness Day). If “Faewalk” sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve already read our teasers regarding it or because you’ve read the later Macy Blush novels. Faewalk is the fantasy world that they take place in, as well as several short stories from various Nat 1 Authors. Once Faewalk launches, the setting will be opening up for any author or artist to use for their stories without fear of copyright and/or trademark restrictions. We will be talking more about it as we get closer, but here’s some things to look forward to regarding Faewalk…

  • A website dedicated to Faewalk,
  • A unique cliched fantasy world that any author and artist can utilize,
  • Second editions of the early Macy Blush books that will conform them to the world and include all-new horribly made covers! (The Wizard’s Staff, The Wizard’s Tower, and The Wizard’s Package),
  • A new Nat 1 roleplaying game based on the dedicated website, Faewalk: The RPG,
  • Calls for submissions for authors and artists to include their work in Faewalk-themed anthologies,
  • And more! How much more? Well, that hasn’t been completely determined yet… It’s still, like, three months away—how much more do you expect from us?!

We look forward to revealing more of this exciting development to you, so stay tuned and sign up for Ye Olde Town Cryer!

~The Nat 1 Team