Get Involved

Want to know how to get involved with Nat 1 Publishing? There are three awesome-possum ways you can do that!


Want to get something published? You can! We take the weird, the awkward, and the ‘I can’t believe I wrote this but I’m still laughing and proud of it‘. Want to know more? Naturally, we also dedicated a whole page to that!

About Submissions


That’s right! We have opportunities for you to assist us in this crazy endeavor! What are they? Who know? Wait—we do! This whole page is even dedicated to them!

About Opportunities


As it turns out, running a niche nonprofit publishing house is expensive. Go figure, huh? If you’d like to get involved without being put to work (can’t blame you), you can help us keep going with a monetary donation. Every cent helps!


Is your idea of “getting involved” actually closer to the likes of “hanging out” and goofing around? Hey, that’s cool too! Hit up our SHENANIGANS PAGE to see what weird stuff we’re up to!