Nat 1 $h!TpOsT Shorts

Nat 1 $h!TpOsT Shorts Project

Things here at Nat 1 Publishing and Audience Askew have started to get serious. We can’t have that. So, seeing how Nat 1 LLC got its start by a shitpost going wildly out of control, we have decided to pay homage to our humble not-so-long-ago beginnings with this odd, quirky, cringeworthy project. 

What we have presented here are six horribly made covers that you would expect from an over-enthusiastic self-publishing author who insists that their skills with photoshop is all they need in the world. Well, that and a little bit of written content. Minor. How does this involve you? We need the questionable content to go with them! 

Over the next four months we will be taking submissions for novelettes that use the covers as the prompts. While we anticipate and desire the outrageous, eyebrow-raising, chaos that these are sure to prompt, we also want them to be polished. That means put effort into the stories, give them a semblance of making sense, read, reread, and edit.; at the end of this submission period, the best submission for each cover will be fully published (don’t worry, while your name will be on the sales page, it will remain “Some Author” on the cover itself…. unless you really want it there.) Not only will you receive royalties, but you’ll also receive $25 (because lets face it, the royalties probably won’t be huge. These are shitpost covers, after all!).

Now… The Deets.

3,000+ words

Any level of spice. These will be rated 18+, so go wild if you must.

1 submission per cover. Make a new submission for each cover (aka, only send one story at a time on Submittable)

Deadline: August 31, 2023

Decisions will be sent out in September 2023.

Follow our standard rules

  • No sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, or any other isms; works can have these themes, but not to glorify them;
  • It must be your own original work and does not infringe on existing copyrighted material (includes fan fiction);
  • No AI-assisted or generated text;
  • It must be previously unpublished (personal blogs, websites, Patreon, Reddit, etc. are okay);
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay, if accepted elsewhere let us know ASAP;
  • Please don’t resubmit a rejected piece from another Nat 1 submission. 
  • We read submissions blind. Do not put any identifying information on your submission, including the file name.

And here are the horrible covers to choose from: