Ten Tickles: Quirky Tales from Beyond Sanity

A Nat 1 Standalone Anthology

"Ten Tickles" cover

Prepare to teeter on the brink with Nat 1 Publishing’s Ten Tickles: Quirky Tales from Beyond Sanity. This anthology is a captivating collection of ten spine-tingling, humorous, and dark stories that will take you on a rollercoaster ride through the bizarre and macabre. From mooching eldritch horrors to dystopian corporate life, Ten Tickles offers a unique blend of spooky and quirky narratives that delightfully blur the boundaries between sanity and insanity.

In between these covers, you’ll find:

With a full-page color illustration for each story by B.S.Roberts… The Twilight Zone ain’t got nothing on this collection (okay, well, maybe a little)!

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Americas: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil

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Trigger Warnings
Significant: mental illness
Moderate: death, health issues, physical violence, self-harm, sexual violence
Mild: gore