B.S.Roberts makes a living as both a museum curator and an administrative specialist at the University of Maine at Augusta. When not writing, he tends to be working on a degree in English, since—apparently—his diplomas in ethnography, history, folklore, and behavioral studies weren’t enough. B.S.Roberts lives in Maine with his wife, daughter, tortoise, silver pheasants, and cats.

The cover art for An Eidolon, Named Night
"Blackjack and the Feathery Figurine of Fate" coverart
"Blackjack and the Revered Relic of Romance" cover
LIMERICKS (LIMP DICKS): Poems by Blackjack cover
Many Mini Misadventures Anthology Cover
Elderly Ones cover image depicting Cthulhu using a walker
"Nat 1: LFG" Cover art
"Black Ink on a Blank Void" cover
"Nothing New, Just Deja Vu" cover
Gear Today, Cog Tomorrow cover

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