B.S.Roberts makes a living as both a museum curator and an administrative specialist at the University of Maine at Augusta. When not writing, he tends to be working on a degree in English, since—apparently—his diplomas in ethnography, history, folklore, and behavioral studies weren’t enough. B.S.Roberts lives in Maine with his wife, daughter, tortoise, silver pheasants, and cats.

“A Gnomish Contraption to Save the World,” in Nat 1: Many Mini Misadventures (2022).

“To Err is Human, To Arr is Pirate,” in Nat 1: Many Mini Misadventures (2022).

“Nietzsche’s Mistake,” in The Elderly Ones (2022).

“Forget the Pain,” in The Elderly Ones (2022).

“All’s Fair in Love and Warborn,” in Nat 1: LFG (2023).

Blackjack and the Feathery Figurine of Fate (2023).

An Indie Vampire Romance (2023).

Blackjack and the Churning Choices of Chance (2023).

Faewalk: The RPG, with Jason Willard, Aleksandar Mirkovic, Anthony Celano, Hans Madison, Jeffrey Kirkley, Redmask, and Triston Owens (2023).

“Writer’s Block,” in It’s What My Character Would Do! (2024).

Blackjack and the Revered Relic of Romance (2024).

Blackjack (& Bernie) and the Litigious Lair of Lovedraft , with Jason Willard (2024).

Website: www.bsroberts.com

Facebook: facebook.com/BSRobertsCreates

Instagram: @bs.roberts