Jason Willard

Jason Willard is an extradimensional being that’s manifested in this reality as a geeky writer. A lover of games, books, comics, and film, he hopes to someday make his mark and leave behind a story that resonates deeply within the souls of his nerdy brethren, bringing about a new golden age of peace. He also enjoys gelato. You can contact him anytime at jmwillardwriting@gmail.com

“Narrative Shift,” in Nat 1: Many Mini Misadventures (2022).

“Jar Wrath Snow Step,” in The Elderly Ones (2022).

“Unexpected Consequences,” in Nat 1: LFG (2022).

“The Schmooze,” in Black Ink on a Blank Void (2023).

“Earpocalypse,” in File Not Found (2023).

“Wrong Room,” in Not Evil, Just Misunderstood… And Also Evil (2023).

Faewalk: The RPG, with B.S.Roberts, Aleksandar Mirkovic, Anthony Celano, Hans Madison, Jeffrey Kirkley, Redmask, and Triston Owens (2023).

“Star-Crossed,” in Star-Crossed and Other Tales of Intergalactic Love (2023).

Blackjack (& Bernie) and the Litigious Lair of Lovedraft , with B.S.Roberts (2024).