Many Mini Misadventures

Many Mini Misadventures Anthology Cover

A collection of short stories following colorful characters seemingly pulled straight out of RPG campaigns. This anthology is filled with a little of everything: action, adventure, smut, humor, and tragedy.

Included in this anthology are the stories:

“Heisted Hat” by Selana F I
“An Average Day” by J Parsons
“A Gnomish Contraption to Save the World” by B.S.Roberts
“What They Found Down There” by R. Mcintosh
“Samara Streams: The Temple of the Ghost Frog” by Luke Monroe
“To Err is Human, to Arr is Pirate” by B.S.Roberts
“My Passenger” by Jack Marzbach
“CSI: City State” by C David Dent
“Seelie Stories: Fey’s Affection” by Jason Rubin
“Troll Barrier” by Macy Blush
“The Fighter’s Dilemma” by Cam N
“Narrative Shift” by Jason Willard
“Bruises and Bedlam” by Anthony Celano
“The Thieves” by Michael Katz
“We Met In A Tavern” by Aleksandar Mirkovic
“The Naughty Drake” by M. A. Butler

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Americas: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil

Europe: Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands

Asia-Pacific: Japan, Australia, India

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Trigger Warnings
Significant: physical violence
Moderate: abduction, bullying, death, profanity, sexual content
Mild: gore, traumatic events, war
Implied: abuse, bigotry, self-harm, sexual violence