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A Nat 1 Standalone Anthology

An oddball anthology of technology, fantasy, science fiction, and general confusion featuring:

Joseph Levens’s “Wayfaring”
M.M. Vaz’s “Dear Mr. Musk”
Jason Willard’s “Earpocolypse”
Sarah Butkovic’s “Flash Mob”
Anthony Celano’s “Super Smash Bros. Sonnet”
Lauren Jane Barnett’s “Error 404”
Aleksandar Mirkovic’s “The World We Live In”
Mord McGhee’s “Saw it on Archival Footage”
Lisa Haneberg’s “Marks Holiday Letter”
Robert O’Hanlon Jr’s “Adventures of Kitty Nova, Episode 1”
Emma Wells’s “Gift-Wrapped”
Angela Acosta’s “Forest Adventure Game”
Doug Dawson’s “Confession”
Reagan Brady’s “Cyberpunk Vampires”

Worldwide Marketplaces:

Americas: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil

Europe: Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands

Asia-Pacific: Japan, Australia, India

Trigger Warnings
Significant: Traumatic Events
Moderate: –
Mild: Death, Health Issues
Implied: Abduction, Abuse, Bigotry, Mental Illness, War