Nat 1 Publishing is now a thing!

That’s right, we have been officially established in the state of Maine as NAT 1 LLC. While we won’t be fully launching until 22 April 2022, with the release of the multi-author anthology Nat 1: Many Mini Misadventures, we are indeed open for business. In fact, the first book with our imprint came out on the 12th of March—Macy Blush’s Dwarven Fetishes: Culture Shock in the Bottlegrip Clan Halls—and today, Legend Lore: Macy Blush, vol. 1 has been made available in paperback! Go check out the Books page to get links to past books and catch up on your reading.

You’ll also notice that our Submissions form is also open. If you have an off-kilter story you’d like to see published, hit that submit button—we’d love to read it and possibly make it part of the Nat 1 family!

~Brandan Roberts, Nat 1 Publishing founder.

P.S. take a swing over to the Shenanigans page, where you’ll find our Critic Watch. Yes, sadly, the critic Mel N. Colley (more commonly known as “Anonymous Critic”) has gone missing. We’re diligently searching for them and are looking for any help we can get. Send us your tips in the provided forum, and if they seem valid, they will appear on the blotter. Working together, we can help rescue the critic! (and later, we may even compile the blotter into a book format to better assist the headhunter’s mercenaries heroes in finding them!