T-minus 2 weeks!

In two weeks, we will be having our official grand opening! Because we are an entirely digital company, events will be limited—but we do have some giveaways, book and cover reveals, and a couple days where all of the Macy Blush novellas will be FREE to download! And, of course, our first multi-author anthology Many Mini Misadventures will be available for purchase! These will be spread across the five primary platforms—our website, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord — so be sure to follow and join them all!

“What, Discord?” I hear you ask. “That’s new.”

Yes it is! That brings us to this special notice’s second announcement….

The Nat 1 Publishing Discord channel is up and running! Think of this as an extension of the website where fans can get updates, authors can mingle, editors and beta readers discuss upcoming books, and for everybody to get the most up-to-date information. If you use Discord, be sure to join on in, and if you’re an author, let us know so you can be tagged as such! (if you’d like to be tagged as a beta reader or editor, sign up!)