Not Evil, Just Misunderstood…and also evil

A Nat 1 Standalone Anthology

"Not Evil, Just Misunderstood...and also evil" cover

This here is a book of stories that look at the quirkier side of the villainous. Sometimes funny, sometimes unexpected, but always entertaining as this collection of authors take antagonists and turn them on their head—well, not literally. Or maybe they do… you’ll have to read them to find out!

Contained within this volume are the stories

  • “Desperate Measures” by Aleksandar Mirkovic
  • “Evil” (poem) by Sharnta Bullard
  • “Treat Death Kindly” by Stephanie V. Canto
  • “Bookbook” by Mord McGhee
  • “Captain Ares” by Rachel Racette
  • “The Terror of Vesperion!” by Matthew S. Dentice
  • “Braid” (poem) by Gabriel Cleveland
  • “Wrong Room” by Jason Willard
  • “Time Lock” by James Rogers
  • “Mrs. Dracula” by Emma Wells
  • “The Horrendously Handsome Royal Highness Prince Henrick” by Gratia Serpento
  • “Mephisto #4” by Miles White
  • “6 Principles for a Stronger Relationship with Your Undead Minions” by Merdhin Wylde
  • “The Healer” by Luke Hannon
  • “City of Rot” by Josh Clayton
  • “Chewy” by Ann McDowell Wagner
  • “Baby Faces” (poem) by Rich Glinnen
  • “Sawney Bean Stew in Sourdough Bread Bowl” by Kit Laver
  • “The Talk” by Ross Rosenfeld
  • “Preach and Practice” by Jeannie Marschall
  • “A Midday Murder” by Jacob Ward
  • “Red Eye to Edinburgh” by Melvin Sterne

accompanied by art by B.S.Roberts in the horrible Nat 1 style that you’ve all come to love to hate!

Worldwide Marketplaces:

Americas: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil

Europe: Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands

Asia-Pacific: Japan, Australia, India

Trigger Warnings
Significant: child-in-peril, death, mental illness
Moderate: bigotry, gore, physical violence, sexual violence
Mild: abuse, health issues, substance abuse
Implied: traumatic events