Macy Blush

Macy Blush is a Faewalk Today bestselling author of contemporary romance tomes. Her first hit, Sunset over the Abyss, paved the way to romanticizing the adventures of wandering heroes in a gritty, realistic depiction of good versus evil, love and heartbreak. She’s the wife of the renowned Shallowpool actor Phil Ander, and mother of three. Her books have been translated into a half-a-dozen languages and can be found in print across the continent. It’s rumored that her work is ghostwritten by B.S.Roberts, but she’ll never admit it

The Wizard's Staff second edition cover
The Wizard's Tower second edition cover
"The Wizard's Package" second edition cover
"An Unembellished Backstory" cover
"Cantrip Love" cover

"Quickies with Macy Blush" cover
"Dwarven Fetishes" cover art
"Legend Lore: Macy Blush" cover art
Cover art for Warding Bond depicting a young woman sitting on a tombstone with two ghosts behind her

Many Mini Misadventures Anthology Cover
"Nat 1: LFG" Cover art
"Nothing New, Just Deja Vu" cover