Macy Blush

Macy Blush is a Faewalk Today bestselling author of contemporary romance tomes. Her first hit, Sunset over the Abyss, paved the way to romanticizing the adventures of wandering heroes in a gritty, realistic depiction of good versus evil, love and heartbreak. She’s the wife of the renowned Shallowpool actor Phil Ander, and mother of three. Her books have been translated into a half-a-dozen languages and can be found in print across the continent. It’s rumored that her work is ghostwritten by B.S.Roberts, but she’ll never admit it

The Wizard’s Staff: A Spellbinding Romance (2021).

The Wizard’s Tower: A Spellblinding Romance (2021).

“The Succubus’s Chest,” in The Wizard’s Package (2021).

“The Succubus’s Pink Pearl,” in The Wizard’s Package (2021).

An Unembellished Backstory: The Brief Autobiography of Macy Blush (2021).

Cantrip Love: An Amorous Adventure (2021).

Quickies With Macy Blush (2021).

Dwarven Fetishes: Culture Shock in the Bottlegrip Clan Halls (February 2022).

“Troll Barrier,” in Nat 1: Many Mini Misadventures (2022).